Stainless Steel Square Serving Bowl/Curry Bowl/Gravy Pot Pie..More




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Storage bowl set comes with 3 different sizes, from small to large, which enable multiple ways of use. They are perfect for food preparation, baking, mixing, beating, tossing, or serving fruit and salad. Their lid always stay on the bowls to keep food fresh and dry, best to store snacks and fruit.Please Do Not put bowls in the oven.Please clean and dry the bowls after using for their durability and your health. Please wash the bowl set with warm soapy water before first using to wash off any residue left from the manufacturing process.

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Kitchen rack

Features 1

The bowls are made from high grade stainless steel which is easy to clean and durable.

Features 2

Easy Storage – They stack on top of each other for your convenience. Keep them in a spot in the corner of your kitchen, and easily access your food items.

Features 3

Perfect gifts for yourself or someone special, they will be an important and important part of one's kitchen for many years.

Features 5

LIVILON provide best quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

Features 4

Use these bowls to mix salads, marinate meat for baking or grilling, make tasty sauces and dressings, and more. We’ve seen them used as well for popcorn, fruit snacks, ice cream, and much more.

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